Coptic monk kidnapped Sudan

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Malaysian Muslim's right to convert appealed Published: May 3, 2016

An appeal has been lodged against a landmark ruling by the Malaysian High Court that a Sarawak Muslim can officially convert to Christianity.

The National Registration Department (NRD) filed its appeal against Rooney Rebit, 41, just ahead of the 24 April deadline. The reasons for the appeal need to be revealed within eight weeks.

Rebit was born into a Christian family that converted to Islam when he was eight years old. In March a High Court ruling said that he was too young to choose to convert at that time, but that when he chose to become a Christian at 24 he was mature enough to make his own decisions.

The High Court ruling requires the NRD to issue a new identity card - which, to date, it hasn't done - showing his first name only and with his Muslim classification removed. If the NRD's appeal is upheld it might make it harder for Muslims to change their religion in the future. A constitutional rights lawyer said: “Judges are abdicating their role to protect the freedom of religion in the Constitution."

Rebit's case reached the High Court when the NRD insisted that a Sharia Court needed to authorise removing the word "Islam" from his identity card. The High Court judge said Rebit’s case was not one of jurisdiction, but raised constitutional issues regarding his right to religious freedom. “He does not need a Sharia-Court order to release him from Islam, because freedom of religion is his constitutional right and only he can exercise that right,” the judge said.

The NRD was the only one of three involved bodies to appeal against his victory: the Sarawak Islamic Religious Department and Sarawak Islamic Council did not lodge appeals.

The majority of the population of Sarawak - one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo - is Christian.

Calls for Christian asylum centres in Sweden Published: April 29, 2016

Increasing reports about Christians harassed by hardline Muslim fellow migrants are prompting calls for non-Muslim asylum centres to be set up in Sweden.

According to the Swedish Evangelical Alliance, one Christian refugee in Kalmar in the southeast of the country was threatened with having his throat slit by a man who claimed to have fought with jihadists in Syria.

A Pakistani Christian couple moved into a church when the husband's name was sprayed on a wall near their room calling for his death, while, according to an article by Christian Today, two women were told by other asylum seekers to convert to Islam and cover their heads, their children being called "kuffar" or "infidels."

It's mostly Christians, atheists, Druze and moderate Muslims who are being discriminated against by Islamic radicals, says Nuri Kino, an Assyrian activist in Sweden.

In a letter dated March 14, the head of the Syriac Orthodox Church Patriarch Ignatuis Aphrem II urged Swedish authorities to intervene.

"Christians do not live in refugee camps in the Middle East, because, there too, they are persecuted by Muslim extremists," he said, calling for a distinct asylum accommodation for Christians and other minority asylum seekers.

"It is obvious that we are not able to protect them at the existing accommodations," Kino echoed the Patriarch’s concern. "We cannot live on with the romantic idea of a harmonious mosaic of religions and ethnicity in our accommodations for asylum seekers. That time is past."

The issue goes beyond Sweden. Earlier this year global Christian advocate Open Doors reported a spate of incidents in northern France involving Iranian Christian converts being persecuted by Iraqi Muslims.

In Germany, The Archbishop of Cologne has warned that Christian refugees were being threatened by other asylum seekers in refugee camps, reported the Catholic international weekly The Tablet in February.

Myanmar monk builds pagoda on church grounds Published: April 28, 2016

A Myanmar Christian leader appealed for calm Wednesday after an influential Buddhist monk built pagodas within the compound of a church in a country beset with religious tensions, reports News Republic.

Supporters of the monk Myaing Kyee Ngu erected a religious statue and planted a Buddhist flag on a church's grounds in the eastern state of Karen, and then returned on Saturday to erect a pagoda, according to local Anglican Bishop Saw Stylo.

It is not clear what is behind the recent pagoda construction in Karen state, which has a sizeable Christian population. Christian communities in ethnic minority areas have for years complained of encroachments by zealous Buddhists, particularly through the presence of the military.

The office of local MP Saw Chit Khin said that Buddhist authorities had already written to the monk to urge him to cease building.

Aleppo Christian areas shelled, scores casualties Published: April 28, 2016

Despite a fragile truce helped by both US and Russian efforts, at least 19 people have been killed and scores injured this week in continued shelling in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

Coinciding with the 101st anniversary of the Turkish genocide of Armenians and other Christians, areas of notable Christian presence in the city came under attack starting Monday (April 25).

Seventeen Armenians including 3 children and a woman were killed when, according to Asia News, “Islamic terrorists launched a series of heavy bomb attacks from areas not under government control” on districts of Aleppo, including Suleymaniye and Ashrafieh.

Corroborating the reports, The Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) said Christian and Kurdish neighbourhoods have come under attack and a number of children have been killed.

"Turkish forces fighting together with the so-called opposition have been fighting the regime's army for a couple of days now,” said Nuri Kino, an Assyrian activist and founder of Demand for Action (ADFA).

“But what people could not see coming was the attacks against Christian neighbourhoods," he said, confirming that Kurdish and Christian children were killed in the fighting.

AINA quoted another Assyrian currently in Aleppo as saying: "We were praying that we could get some rest from the war, that it is over! Just weeks ago we started to get normal life back. Now, we have lost all hope, we just want out of here. There is no one to protect us.”

There is confusion about the exact number of casualties, presumably climbing due to continued hostilities.

Elsewhere in the city, at least another 14 people were killed Thursday in an air strike on a hospital, with local sources blaming Syrian or Russian war planes, although the Syrian military has denied targeting the hospital.

According to the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 60 civilians, including women and children, have been killed in airstrikes targeting areas controlled by factions in the eastern neighbourhoods of the city, as well as in shelling by the rebel and Islamic factions on regime forces’ controlled areas in the western neighbourhoods of Aleppo – where Christians can be found.

The Syrian Observatory talked of cross shelling in general, but did not mention any Christians when speaking about targeted areas under regime control.

Reports also spoke of sniper attacks and extensive damage to properties.

The official Syrian news agency SANA listed the areas targeted as Aazamiya, Masharfeh, Suleymaniye, Muhafaza, Jameeliya, Azeeziya, Bab al-Faraj and Suleiman al-Halabi, citing continued hostilities.

The squeezing of the remaining Christians by shelling and other pressures have raised the temper among the areas’ inhabitants against both the Assad regime and Turkey, as well as against the Islamic jihadists whom the latter is accused of supporting.

"Enough! Do something that goes beyond the words of support and promises to defend the Christians! Turkey is continuing the genocide of our people here in Aleppo!” Asia News quoted an angry Christian saying.

Indonesian laws thwart new church plans Published: April 28, 2016

Protestant church leaders in Aceh, Indonesia are pushing for consistent application of Islamic law in the province, after the destruction of 10 churches in the last nine months, UCA reports.

Last August, a mob burned down the Pakpak Dairi Christian Protestant Church, killing one person and forcing thousands of Christians to flee the area. Two months later, Sharia officials tore down nine Christian churches — including two Catholic mission stations — that the officials said had no permits to operate.

Church leaders thought they had reached an agreement with Aceh Singkil district authorities last October for the construction of 13 churches, before being told they had to restart the application process.

Muslim leader Ramli Manik said that local Muslims supported the faith communities "as long as they have church building permits."

Intolerance, he said, wasn't the reason the congregations faced opposition. "The problem is that the local government fails to make the process easier."

At a Taiwan conference on religious freedom in February, Indonesia’s Muhammad Imdadun Rahmat of the National Human Rights Commission said that the constitution of his country guarantees freedom of religion, but that, in practice, intolerance exists in Indonesian society.

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This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye.

Church where pastor's wife killed wins land rights Published: April 28, 2016

Less than two weeks after a pastor's wife was killed in a government authorised church demolition in China's central Henan province, the authorities have ruled that the disputed land where the incident took place belongs to the church and its pastor for use as a religious site.

A task force made up of the township government, the local ministry of land and resources, and a village administrative committee declared that the land where the incident took place is the property of Li Jiangong and Beitou Church. A report issued by the task force declares that no individual or other organization should claim land from the church, and designates the site for religious use.

Li and his wife, Ding Cuimei, were buried alive on April 14 by contractors demolishing the Beitou church. Li crawled to safety but his wife died from suffocation. The contractors were detained but authorities have released no information about their charges. A Beijing lawyer will represent the family in the case of Ding's murder.

Foreigners in NK - what to expect if arrested Published: April 27, 2016

Foreigners arrested and detained in North Korea can expect to spend hundreds of days in prison, according to The Telegraph.

The 13 US citizens detained since 1995 – including the Christians Jeffrey Fowle, Aijalon Gomes and Korean-American Kenneth Bae - spent an average of 213 days imprisoned. Otto Warmbier, the 21-year-old student sentenced in March to 15 years' hard labour, has just completed his 100th day in prison.

Korean Christians re-settled in North America are known to be vulnerable to arrest when visiting the country on mission work. The Korean-Canadian pastor, Hyeun-soo Lim, was sentenced in December to life imprisonment with hard labour. Korean-American Robert Park was tortured during his detention of 43 days.

On April 23 Ri Su Yong, North Korea's foreign minister, defended jailing Otto Warmbier but suggested that, as with past detainees, he may not serve his full sentence. Former detainees say they confessed to crimes against the state under duress before their release.

North Korea is considered to be the worst place in the world to be a Christian by Open Doors World Watch List 2016, which says Christians hide their faith as much as possible to avoid being sent to the country's horrific labour camps.

IS destroys Christian landmark in Mosul Published: April 27, 2016

The ‘Islamic State’ has completely destroyed another historic Christian landmark in an area under its control, this time in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

Quoting “local residents,” the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) said “the terrorists … blew the Clock Church fully after booby-trapping it from all sides and the evacuation of nearby houses in the centre of Mosul.”

Sources said IS jihadists looted the church before razing it on Sunday, April 24.

The Chaldean Catholic Patriarchate of Babylon expressed its dismay at the obliteration of yet another Christian emblem, terming the attack “a grave sin against God and man,”

Blowing up the church was “aimed at erasing Christian memory and emptying Iraq out of its indigenous components to give way to a state of foreign terrorists under the name of Islam,” the Patriarchate said.

Known locally as the ‘Clock Church,’ the Dominican Fathers Latin church was completed in 1873. The church featured two identical domes, the first built-in organ structure in the region, and a commanding clock tower whose iconic strikes could be heard in surrounding villages more than 15 km. away.

The clock tower itself was finished in 1882. It was gifted by Queen Eugénie wife of French Emperor Napoleon III to the Dominican fathers, recognising their contribution in saving the people of Mosul from a devastating typhoid epidemic in 1879-1880.

After the Second Gulf War, Christians started evacuating the area. The last church priest left after a series of attacks targeting Christians in Mosul in October 2004. The church was subsequently damaged on April 9, 2008.

IS jihadists were the latest to target the church, first ransacking the church and blowing up the tower on Feb. 2, 2015, before razing it completely this week.

In a similar devastation in neighbouring Syria, the historic monastery of St. Eliane was bulldozed and its 5th century shrine badly damaged when IS took over Qaryatain southeast of Homs in August 2015.

A recent report has pointed out that although Christians comprised around 8-10% of Syria’s 22 million population before 2011, some 40-50% of those Christians have since fled.

Those Christians who remain in Syria and Iraq, the report noted, “have become extremely vulnerable, with their churches, homes, businesses and very lives at times targeted.”

Hong Kong Christians oppose Beijing’s policy Published: April 26, 2016

Christians in Hong Kong protested outside Beijing's liaison office there Sunday, urging the Chinese authorities to respect religious freedoms following President Xi Jinping’s recent insistence that religious groups 'devote themselves' to his reforms, reports the South China Morning Post.

Cardinal Joseph Zen Zekiun, the former Bishop of Hong Kong, joined about 50 protestors at the rally. In a sermon he told them: 'oppressors of Christians are still using the way of thugs. We can't just watch on the side. If we don’t speak out, we are the accomplices.

'We want [China's] leadership to seriously look into the barbaric actions used to breach religious freedom and to guarantee the rights of citizens to personal safety.'

The protestors were responding to President Xi Jinping's address at a national conference on religions in Beijing that ended on Saturday. Xi said religious groups 'must adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and support the socialist system and socialism with Chinese characteristics'.

He added that religious groups should 'merge religious doctrines with Chinese culture, abide by Chinese laws and regulations, and devote themselves to China's reform and opening up drive and socialist modernization in order to contribute to the realization of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation'.

His government has held a long campaign to remove crosses from church buildings and sometimes demolish churches. In a recent incident a church leader's wife was killed trying to prevent a church demolition by a state-backed construction team. The Hong Kong protestors say authorities have forcibly removed crosses from over 2,000 churches in Zhejiang Province since 2014 – from 50 places of worship in the first three months of 2016, they claim.
Church names 21 Christians IS killed in Qaryatain Published: April 25, 2016

The Syriac Orthodox Church has published names of the 21 Christians it said were killed by the ‘Islamic State’ during its 8 month occupation of the Syrian town of al-Qaryatain. IS had captured the town (92 km southeast of Homs) in August 2015, before it was recaptured by the Syrian army early this month.

Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) listed the names and ages of the 21 Assyrian Christians, quoting the official Facebook page of the Syriac Orthodox Church.

Those killed range in ages between 25 and 73, and are thought to be closely related, judging by their surnames.

During a visit to Qaryatain on April 8, the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II said some died while trying to escape, while others were killed for breaking the terms of their "dhimmi contracts", which required them to submit to the rule of Islam.

Three women were among those killed, the BBC quoted Aphrem as saying. The recent list of 21 does not, however, seem to mention women among the victims.

Hundreds of Christians were taken captive when Qaryatain fell to IS. After pledging to submit to their captors’ demands of subservience to Muslim rule, many Qaryatain Christians were later ‘released’.

However, the jihadists are thought to still be holding 179 Christians taken from this one Syrian town alone. Some reports indicate that they have been moved to Raqqa, Islamic State’s stronghold in Syria.

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This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye.

Hate speech fuels violence vs. Turkish non-Muslims Published: April 22, 2016

A new report analyzing freedom of religion or belief in Turkey faults both strong nationalism and the Erdogan government’s public endorsement of a Sunni Muslim identity for rising levels of hate speech against the nation’s religious minorities.

According to studies cited in the April report by Christian Solidarity Worldwide, “religious identity was the primary catalyst for hate speech,” with Jews, Christians, Armenians and Kurds being the main victims.

With no legal consequences being implemented, the report said, growing social hostilities against the nation’s minorities are inciting structural and physical violence towards citizens who are not Sunni Muslim. In turn, this is visibly affecting Turkish society in terms of education, the workplace, the media, religious practice and day-to-day administrative procedures.

“The invective. . .often by the media and even by members of the political community, has seeped deep into mainstream narratives,” the report said.

On the legal side, the report notes, restrictive government legislation has left the religious minorities “locked in an ongoing struggle to obtain full legal personality so they can access all their legal rights.”

In releasing the report on Thursday (April 21), CSW noted that the Turkish Interior Ministry claimed intelligence reports had indicated that the Islamic State planned to target churches during the recent (Western) Easter week. Since then, the state has used this threat to pressure churches to install CCTV and to accept security presence during worship times.

This report also corroborates the recent first nationally representative survey of the 80m Turkish population of “Public Perceptions of the Christian Minority in Turkey” (Survey in English/ Survey in Turkish). Christians are estimated to number fewer than 200,000, despite Turkey’s Biblical heritage.

Source: CSW

Female bomber ‘signature’ weapon of Boko Haram Published: April 21, 2016

A new report reveals that the kidnapping of 270 Chibok girls in 2014 and the 400 women and children taken from Damasak in Nigeria last year are not isolated cases.

It shows Boko Haram’s strategy aimed at using women – some as young as 10 – as suicide bombers in its ‘asymmetrical warfare’ against Nigerian army.

Women have strapped explosives to their bodies in other conflicts – from Chechnya to Iraq, from Pakistan to Palestine, from Syria to Sri Lanka – but never at such a rate as in the Boko Haram insurgency, notes the report, published by the Integrated Regional Information Networks, a news agency focusing on humanitarian stories.

It says more than 200 women have blown themselves up since June 2014, killing more than 1,000 people in Nigeria, and increasingly in neighboring Cameroon.

Whereas women seemed to have been initially used because they could more easily slip into markets and public places without arousing suspicion, that is no longer the case, notes the report. It points out that recently the Nigerian army warned that female bombers are now disguising themselves as men to evade security.

The use of suicide bombers is often seen as a tactic of last resort, a switch to “asymmetrical warfare” after defeat on the conventional battlefield. But abducting women is a long-standing Boko Haram strategy. Our Bodies, Their Battleground, going back to1999, highlights the way Boko Haram has deliberately targeted them on the basis of their religion and gender.

But now, points out IRIN, there seems to be little distinction: women and girls are abducted regardless of religion. Raped under the pretext of sham marriages, their abuse is used to build cohesion among the Boko Haram fighters and spread fear in the community.


Demonstration remembers kidnapped Aleppo Bishops Published: April 20, 2016

The kidnapped Aleppo Bishops, Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yazigi, were last seen three years ago this week. A multi-faith demonstration to remember them was held in Beirut, Lebanon 19 April, reports Fides.

There has been no news of the two men since their abduction on 22 April 2013, near the Turkish border, where they had been negotiating the release of two priests kidnapped two months earlier.

Ibrahim, head of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Aleppo, told the BBC a week before being abducted that there had been no targeting of Christians in Syria during the rebel uprising (which became the five-year-long civil war). He was the author in 2006 of 'Accepting the Other,' a book written in Arabic celebrating how different religions have co-existed for centuries through shared values, unlike the concept of forced multiculturalism emerging in the West.

No group has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. Contact by the head of the Lebanese General Security, General Abbas Ibrahim, was allegedly made with the kidnappers six months after the two Bishops were abducted but there have since been no further reported developments.

China: woman buried alive in church demolition Published: April 19, 2016

The wife of a church leader in China's central Henan province was killed by being buried alive when she tried to prevent the destruction of her husband's house-church, according to China Aid.

Ding Cuimei and her husband, Li Jiangong, stepped in front of a bulldozer as it began to destroy Beitou church on 14 April. The couple were pushed into a pit and covered with soil. Li managed to crawl to safety but his wife died from suffocation.

One of the members of the government-backed construction team allegedly said: "Bury them alive for me. I will be responsible for their lives." Police have said the two members of the demolition team are being held on criminal charges.

Between 2014 and 2015, the Chinese government pulled down over 1,200 crosses from churches in the prosperous eastern coastal province of Zhejiang, known as the "Jerusalem of the East" for its strong Christian presence. The government says that its aim is to target the increasing number of illegal constructions. Some churches fall foul of building regulations by constructing larger churches than they have been permitted.

Coptic monk kidnapped from Sudan farm Published: April 18, 2016

The Cairo-based news organization Watani International reports that an Egyptian-born Coptic monk serving in Sudan has been kidnapped.

Rev. Ghabrial al-Antony was working on his brother's farm in Sudan's Darfur region, Watani quoted Rev. Boulos Fouad of the Coptic Church in Khartoum as saying. Fouad said three men tied up the brother and left with al-Antony. "We don’t know who they are or why they kidnapped him," Watani quoted him as saying. Its report, posted 17 April, did not indicate the date on which the kidnapping occurred.

Fouad said the bishop of Khartoum, Anba Eliya, is working with the Sudanese government to find and release al-Antony. Sharia Dhimmi Schiavo AKBAR ] ovviamente qui, voi potete considerare tutto l'orrore sharia della LEGA ARABA! ] LA LEGA ARABA CI COSTRINGERE A DISTRUGGERE L'ISLAM NEL MONDO!
Pakistan: Isis rivendica strage a Quetta, 66 morti, 200 feriti nell'attacco terroristico a un ospedale

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 Secondo Iulia Balint-Boia, pediatra, solo il 12,6 per cento delle madri romene allattano ancora i loro bambini fino a sei mesi. "Questo è un beneficio sia per le madri che per i bambini - spiega - ma non tutti sono abituati a vedere questo nella nostra società".
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Sharia Dhimmi Schiavo AKBAR ] [ eliminare una intera nazione dai giochi olimpici è assai peggio che dichiarare guerra ad una Nazione.. perché equivale a condannare un popolo! QUESTO È UN SUPER CRIMINE, E NOI SAPPIAMO CHE NON LA RUSSIA TUTTI POSSONO TROVARE ACCORDI: anche Hitler Erdogan il boia del popolo siriano, MA IL NWO HA DECISO DI UCCIDERE LA RUSSIA E CON LEI DI TRASCINARE IN SCHIAVITÙ TUTTO IL GENERE UMANO! .. tutta le tragedie infinite a cui la LEGA ARABA guarda come una straordinaria occasione, imperialistica e geopolitica dal suo punto di vista, per estendere la sharia regalità sul mondo,
La Bild mantiene la parola: Russia boicottata alle Olimpiadi di Rio 07.08.2016) La Bild non ha incluso la Russia nel medagliere generale delle Olimpiadi fedelmente al boicottaggio annunciato in precedenza. Nella classifica generale pubblicata sul sito ufficiale del tabloid non compare la Russia. In realtà occupa il 6° posto nel medagliere con 1 oro insieme con l'Argentina, il Belgio, la Thailandia e il Vietnam.
Sotto la classifica c'è una nota: "la Bild cancella la Russia dal medagliere per il programma statale di doping. Le medaglie conquistate dagli atleti russi saranno escluse senza alcun impatto sulle prestazioni degli altri atleti." Più di 2 settimane fa il popolare tabloid tedesco aveva annunciato di aver "deciso" di non contare nel medagliere la Russia per lo scandalo doping. La redazione del giornale sostiene che il programma di doping della Russia veniva curato "dal governo e dai servizi segreti", ed è necessario dare una risposta significativa.
Pochi giorni dopo si è saputo che il Comitato Olimpico Internazionale ha deciso di non escludere la Russia dai Giochi Olimpici di Rio de Janeiro.
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Tu sei un dhimmi in Sharia Law ] [ Mario Bianchi tu sei un soggetto CRIMINALE SHARIA GENOCIDIO E NAZISMO interessante, perché tu dimostri di essere scemo soltanto a senso unico! Anche in Corea del Nord si chiamano "Repubblica Popolare". ed anche Hitler aveva lo stesso CONSENSO POPOLARE di Erdogan, tu però sai bene che per le VERE opposizioni è proibito protestare, ANCHE, in Piazza! .. e che anche noi siamo una finta democrazia massonica, di regime Rothschild Bildenberg, questo non è per te un valido motivo per ucciderci tutti con la sharia!
Mario Bianchi ·
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La maggioranza del popolo turco é con il Presidente Erdogan. Continuare a negare la realtà non é che la cambia....
Loro almeno lo hanno votato, noi in Italia abbiamo Renzi che ha preso solo i voti dei fiorentini eppure é il Premier, prima di lui Letta nemmeno quelli e Monti men che meno. Pero' ci sentiamo tanto superiori da voler insegnare ad altri come si sta al mondo...
Ma per favore.
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Rebecca Bradley. Condivisione pubblica 06 ago 2016 [ Danimarca, Norvegia, Stati Uniti, Svizzera, Estonia, Islanda, Gran Bretagna, Panama HANNO STERILIZZATO I PROPRI CITTADINI PER FAVORIRE LA ISLAMIZZAZIONE ] [ 7 REAL Government CONSPIRACIES. From racist sterilizations and experiments through to fabricated reasons for war, here are seven real government conspiracies. COINTELPRO was a counter-intelligence program run by the FBI with the aim of monitoring, infiltrating and destroying minority political organisations in the United States. Any group deemed subversive was targeted and smeared, including anti-Vietnam War demonstrators, feminist organisations, Native Americans, anti-colonial organisations, and the Civil Rights Movement. The Tuskegee experiment secretly infected nearly 400 African American men with syphilis between 1932 and 1972 in a program directly backed by the US Public Health Service. Their aim was to see if black men coped better than white guys with the disease, because obviously that's a great reason to go around giving people a serious sexual infection. Good job science jerks.
This is a girl called Nariyah and in 1990 she gave a moving testimony to Congress about how she witnessed invading Iraqi soldiers dumping newborn babies out of their incubators in her home country of Kuwait, leaving them to die in filth on the floor. Her story helped garner support for an invasion of Iraq led by then President George Herbert Walker Bush, but there was just one problem with Nariyah's account of Iraqi atrocities - it was about as truthful as the guys caught on To Catch A Predator turning up to a kids house with a bottle of wine and a six pack of condoms. "No of course I don’t find children attractive Mr Hansen, I brought the wine for communion, I’m a religious man you see.
Between 1920 and 1933 the United States was drier than an April Ludgate comeback after a mouthful of crackers. Prohibition was in full swing, and even though stiff penalties were in place for those who drank or made alcoholic beverages many people continued to get wasted in secret by purifying industrial alcohol.
But the FBI didn't approve of this, so to persuade the public of the error of their ways they began adding impurities to industrial alcohol to make it even more poisonous, hoping nobody would consume it.
Denmark, Norway, the USA, Switzerland, Estonia, Iceland, Britain, Panama - what's the link? They're all terrible at soccer? No because Iceland clearly rock at the moment. I'm afraid the clue was in the title, because each of these countries has at some point enforced sterilization programs on its citizens.
In 1996 Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb published a series of books and articles in a series called "Dark Alliance", where he exposed links between the CIA and Central-American right-wing groups called the Contras. The Contras were assisted by the CIA in smuggling drugs for sale into the USA, so that their profits could be used to overthrow left-wing Governments across Central America.
In the early 2000's the UK Parliament was deliberating whether to join the US in an invasion of Iraq, but a recently-concluded investigation seven years in the making has outlined a shocking conspiracy regarding the war between two of the world's major former leaders - George W Bush and Tony Blair.
Condiviso inizialmente da Rebecca Bradley:
7 cospirazioni governative REALI
Da sterilizzazioni razzisti ed esperimenti fino ai motivi fabbricato per la guerra, qui ci sono sette cospirazioni reali del governo.
COINTELPRO era un programma di contro-spionaggio gestito dall'FBI con l'obiettivo di monitoraggio, infiltrarsi e distruggere le organizzazioni politiche di minoranza negli Stati Uniti. Qualsiasi gruppo ritenuto sovversivo stato preso di mira e imbrattata, tra manifestanti anti-guerra del Vietnam, le organizzazioni femministe, nativi americani, organizzazioni anti-coloniale, e il movimento dei diritti civili.
L'esperimento di Tuskegee segretamente infettato quasi 400 uomini afro-americano con la sifilide tra il 1932 e il 1972 in un programma direttamente sostenuto dalla US Public Health Service. Il loro scopo era di vedere se gli uomini neri hanno fatto fronte meglio di ragazzi bianchi con la malattia, perché, ovviamente, questo è un ottimo motivo per andare in giro a dare alla gente un'infezione sessuale seria. Buone cretini scienza di posti di lavoro. Si tratta di una ragazza di nome Nariyah e nel 1990 ha dato una commovente testimonianza al Congresso di come ha testimoniato invadere soldati iracheni di dumping i neonati dalle incubatrici nel suo paese d'origine del Kuwait, lasciandoli morire nella sporcizia sul pavimento. La sua storia ha contribuito a ottenere il sostegno per l'invasione dell'Iraq guidata dall'allora presidente George Herbert Walker Bush, ma c'era solo un problema con l'account di Nariyah delle atrocità iracheni - era circa come veritiera come i ragazzi catturati su To Catch A Predator girando fino ad un bambini casa con una bottiglia di vino e una confezione da sei di preservativi. "No, naturalmente non trovo attraente bambini Mr Hansen, ho portato il vino per la comunione, io sono un uomo religioso che si vede.
Tra il 1920 e il 1933 gli Stati Uniti erano più secco di una rimonta aprile Ludgate dopo un boccone di cracker. Divieto era in pieno svolgimento, e anche se pesanti sanzioni erano a posto per coloro che hanno bevuto o bevande alcoliche a base molte persone hanno continuato ad avere sprecato in segreto da purificare alcol industriale.
Ma l'FBI non ha approvato di questo, in modo di convincere l'opinione pubblica della loro errori hanno cominciato l'aggiunta di impurità di alcol industriale per rendere ancora più velenoso, sperando che nessuno avrebbe consumarlo.
Danimarca, Norvegia, Stati Uniti, Svizzera, Estonia, Islanda, Gran Bretagna, Panama - qual è il collegamento? Sono tutti terribile a calcio? No, perché l'Islanda chiaramente roccia al momento. Temo che l'indizio era nel titolo, perché ognuno di questi paesi ha ad un certo punto forzata programmi di sterilizzazione sui suoi cittadini.
Nel 1996 premio Pulitzer giornalista vincitore Gary Webb ha pubblicato una serie di libri e articoli in una serie chiamata "Dark Alliance", dove ha esposto i legami tra la CIA e gruppi di destra Centrale-americano chiamato i Contras. I Contras sono stati assistiti dalla CIA nel traffico di droga per la vendita negli Stati Uniti, in modo che i loro profitti potrebbero essere utilizzati per rovesciare governi di sinistra in tutta l'America Centrale. Nei primi anni del 2000, il Parlamento del Regno Unito stava deliberando se aderire gli Stati Uniti in una invasione dell'Iraq, ma un'indagine di recente concluso sette anni di lavoro ha delineato una cospirazione scioccante per quanto riguarda la guerra tra due dei principali ex leader del mondo - George W Bush e Tony Blair.

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You are dhimmi in sharia law ] Giovanni DalMasso a te piace pagare il tuo denaro ad interesse: il 270% del suo valore (fonte scienziato Giacinto Auriti), perché tu sei il goy felice Rothschild. almeno finché, lui ti provvede il mangime nella gabbia, per e questo satanismo di NWO è buono!!
Joe Bernard
Luigi Sala forse molti quando si parla di ebrei pensano subito a Soros, uno che dopo aver ottenuto asilo dalla UK per poco non gli distruggeva la banca di inghilterra. speculazione legale pero bisogna dirlo, ma alla faccia della gratitudine ... sono tutti gli ebrei serpenti come lui o e' una eccezione?
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You are dhimmi in sharia law ] [ Questa decisione DI ESCLUDERE LA RUSSIA: è stata presa dopo aver preso in esame il dossier della commissione indipendente guidata da Richard McLaren dell'Agenzia Mondiale Antidoping (WADA). ] COSA POTRESTI TROVARE TU DI INDIPENDENTE NEL NWO: ROTHSCHILD REGIME BILDENBERG: NESSUNA RELIGIONE E NESSUNA ISTITUZIONE POTREBBE ESSERE INDIPENDENTE! MEN CHE MENO LA INFORMAZIONE [ WADA delusa da mancata esclusione della Russia da parte del CIO

Doping, rapporto WADA contestato: non è obiettivo

Comitato Olimpico russo accusa la Wada di complotto

Putin: pericolosa recidiva l'ingerenza della politica nello sport
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Tu sei un dhimmi in Sharia Law ] [ i satanisti Farisei Massoni Bildenberg NATO Spa Monsanto, scie chimiche, FMI BM NWO: JabullOn Allah regime Satana, loro non hanno un problema con la salvaguardia della CREAZIONE che Dio ci ha donato, ecco perché le future generazioni pagheranno un prezzo terribile!
LONDRA, 7 AGO - Soldi a pioggia, da destinare direttamente alle famiglie delle zone coinvolte, per strappare il si' delle comunita' locali dell'Inghilterra del nord all'estrazione del cosiddetto shale gas con la controversa tecnica del fracking: largamente contestata in alcune contee e considerata dannosa per l'ambiente e l'equilibrio geologico da vari esperti e attivisti. Fa discutere l'annuncio del governo di Theresa May, anticipato oggi dai domenicali britannici. Gli ambientalisti parlano di 'mazzette di Stato'.
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Sharia, che bello schiavo Dhimmi, tu sei per Allah lo Schiavo AKBAR di SATANA ] [ POSSIAMO ritenere senza timori di essere smentiti, che questo regime massonico mondiale, permette il controllo delle Nazioni a poche persone, coloro che ormai sono i padroni proprietari della FINANZA MoNDIALE e tutto questo: è alto TRADIMENTO! Russia considera “vile e disumana” l'esclusione dalle Paralimpiadi di Rio. 08.08.2016) La rappresentante ufficiale del ministero degli Esteri russo Maria Zakharova ha definito “vile e disumana” la decisione del Comitato Paralimpico Internazionale (CPI, abbreviazione internazionale IPC - ndr) di escludere la Russia dai Giochi Paralimpici di Rio de Janeiro. Lo ha scritto sulla sua pagina Facebook. Come sottolineato dalla Zakharova, gli atleti paralimpici sono sportivi, non disabili, che si dedicano allo sport nonostante le difficoltà. "La decisione relativa all'esclusione dai Giochi Paralimpici di tutta la squadra paralimpica russa colpisce per la sua viltà e disumanità. E' un tradimento molto grave degli standard universali dei diritti umani che costituiscono la base del mondo moderno", — ha rilevato la rappresentante del dicastero della diplomazia russa.
Secondo il diplomatico, in un momento difficile in "periodi di prova" si è ricordata degli atleti paralimpici russi. "Mi sento imbarazzata per la mia impotenza nel pieno della vita," — ha scritto la Zakharova.
"Ragazzi! Io, la mia famiglia e molti miei amici siamo con voi, siamo fieri di voi, siete il nostro orgoglio. Siete parte del patrimonio nazionale", — ha concluso la portavoce del ministero degli Esteri.
Domenica 7 agosto il presidente del Comitato Paralimpico Internazionale Philip Craven ha annunciato la sospensione temporanea del Comitato Paralimpico russo ed ha inoltre fatto sapere che l'intera squadra russa salterà i Giochi Paralimpici di Rio de Janeiro.
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Combattenti del Daesh ] You are dhimmi in sharia law [ se ci fosse un solo Governo onesto che fa gli interessi del suo Popolo? Questo uscirebbe subito dalla NATO, perché la NATO cerca, attraverso ogni calunnia e pretesto criminale una motivazione per dichiarare guerra alla RUSSIA! quindi NATO e LEGA ARABA sono gli alleati perché Allah è il DEMONIO, e il Gufo è SATANA! Terrorismo e filosofia: nuove mappe mentali. 07.08.2016 E’ una triste realtà dei nostri giorni che gli estremisti islamici abbiano compiuto molti attentati sul suolo europeo. Wall Street Journal: terroristi solitari distraggono autorità da prevenire grandi attacchi, Quando non si tratta di stragi sanguinarie come in Francia (dove hanno mostrato una pianificazione particolarmente accurata ed articolata), quelli condotti da un singolo individuo che si scopre in seguito essere una persona "problematica" (come in Germania in occasione della strage al McDonald's il cui attentatore pare fosse un giovane vittima del bullismo) presentano ugualmente dei punti oscuri che rendono difficile credere alla pura e semplice versione ufficiale. Versione che viene comunque accettata dalla gente comune per un insieme variegato di motivi: fiducia nel governo, patriottismo ma anche semplice apatia. Tutti gli attentatori muoiono, uccisi dalla polizia che interviene sul posto come un moderno Orlando furioso (e vendicativo) ma privandoci purtroppo della possibilità di interrogare l'artefice diretto del crimine. In altre parole: in ogni caso muore chi avrebbe le cose più interessanti da dire.
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You are dhimmi in sharia law ] [ Il governo di Benyamin Netanyahu ] non si può dire che la mia vita sta attraversando un momento difficile, tutta la mia vita è stata difficile, perché è stata una vita onesta, e dedicata consacrata alla virtù... ma, io sto facendo incubi ogni notte! QUANDO SI DECIDERÀ, CHE DEVE ESSERE FERMATO QUESTO ISLAM NAZISMO E GENOCIDIO SHARIA,, e questo puà essere fatto soltanto, BRUTALMENTE, COSA SUCCEDERÀ? .. intanto adesso utilizziamo gi sgozzatori per disintegrare Europa e Russia? .. così non potrebbe mai andare bene.. PERCHÉ I NAZISTI GENOCIDIO DELLA TEOLOGIA DELLA SOSTITUZIONE LORO DEVONO ESSERE FERMATI! DONAL TRUMP ha detto. "a me piace la FRANCIA, ma la Francia è un Paese in cui tu non ci puoi più andare!".. questo è vero presto la Europa diventerà un califfato!

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Unius kingREI18 ore fa
Tu sei un dhimmi in Sharia Law non fatevi illusioni! SE, nel mondo esiste un uomo libero? lui rivendicherebbe la sua sovranità monetaria, che, SpA FMI BM NWO: talmud i FARISEI Bildenberg e MASSONI gli hanno rubato, insieme ai complici Sauditi Salafiti sharia genocidio Allah u Akbar! .. e che, nel Regno di Dio? non entrano gli schiavi di Satana come voi, e voi non fatevi illusioni: "io vi spingerò tutti all'inferno!"
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Sharia Dhimmi Schiavo AKBAR. [ ben FATTO! ] l'Occidente guidato dai suoi monatti Farisei Massoni, cammina veloce verso il suo suicidio dissoluzione affinché Satana GENDER ed Allah demonio siano tutti in tutto! ED OVVIAMENTE IN ISRAELE LORO SANNO COSA SIGNIFICA LA SHARIA, ma hillary merkel renzi hollande, ECC.. IL REGIME BILDENBERG? LORO NON LO SANNO! [ Israele espellerà denigratori Stato, Governo Netanyahu insedia task force ] QUINDI gli ex-quaedisti sono diventati i cannibali dell'esercito libero siriano e possono rivere armi, denaro da Turchia CIA e Arabia SAUDITA, quindi la NATO ha dato anche i missili TOW! AUGURI!

Egidio Cavallini ] il "regime" avanza. dopo la notizia di ieri che riportava l'autorizzazione per le scuole ortodosse di non insegnare matematica, storia moderna e lingue straniere ( riguarda circa il 25% della popolazione scolastica) ecco oggi questa nuova perla. tutto questo conferma una vecchia verità: gli ebrei sono una setta religiosa fondamentalista e razzista (e pericolosa).

Sharia Dhimmi Schiavo AKBAR
Egidio Cavallini TU NON PUOI pretendere che Israele cammini nella perfezione, in un mondo di satanisti massoni farisei e salafiti sharia genocidio a tutti! ti rimprovera lo Spirito SANTO, infatti nessuno che fa di se stesso il nemico di ISRAELE e che non denuncia il delitto di signoraggio bancario potrà entrare nel Regno di Dio... perché è la Bibbia che ha creato dal nulla tutte le cose.. e per la Parola di Dio e per le profezie bibliche in favore di ISRAELE tu sei già stato condannato! Tutta la LEGA ARABA sorge su genocidi su genocidi sharia a cielo aperto, perché sputando sul sangue dei tuoi figli tu ti possa fare l'alleato di qualche islamico palestinese!
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You are dhimmi in sharia law [ gli islamici sono tutti razzisti e nazisti! ] [ E COME SE IO DOVESSI DISPREZZARE i musulmani laici onesti e pacifici, soltanto perché, la LEGA ARABA sono i nazisti del genocidio ONU sharia! ] [ Rio: Libano rifiuta bus con israeliani, L'episodio avvenuto prima della cerimonia di apertura ] ma, questo dimostra che la maggior parte dei musulmani, odiano le persone e i popoli, che non corrispondono al loro progetto imperialistico di sharia conquista del mondo!
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Tu sei un dhimmi in Sharia Law ] [ MILANO, 6 AGOSTO. IL MUSULMANO Piccardo DICE: 'Anche la poligamia è un diritto'- "Se è solo una questione di diritti civili, ebbene la poligamia è un diritto civile": così ha scritto Hamza Roberto Piccardo, che è stato in passato segretario e portavoce dell'Ucoii. Piccardo, che è padre di Davide Piccardo, portavoce del coordinamento delle associazioni islamiche milanesi. adesso chiederanno la pedofilia, e poi passeremo al bestialismo! Se date il matrimonio ai gay tutto questo diventerà inevitabile!
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Tu sei un dhimmi in Sharia Law ] [ senza una logistica della CIA in Arabia SAUDITA, mai nessuna galassia jihadista sarebbe mai potuta sorgere!
Libia: almeno 11 soldati Haftar uccisi, In scontri a Derna con mujaheddin legati ad al Qaida
Francesco Vianello · Università degli Studi di Catania ] [ La colpa di tutto ciò è di Rambo. Rambo IV, per la precisione.