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Catching Our Eye
This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye.

Fulani herdsmen strike again in Kaduna, Nigeria Published: June 1, 2016

A predominantly Christian community in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna was attacked by suspected Muslim Fulani herdsmen on 31 May, local sources told World Watch Monitor.

They said the early morning attack led to the burning of all the churches and some houses in the community. Pulse Nigeria reported two dead, and several women and children injured.

Children, men and women of the Ninte community ran for their lives towards other local communities for safety. Church leaders in Kafanchan, in the Jema’a Local Government Area, set aside a temporary place for the displaced people trooping into their town. Recently, Kafanchan’s Catholic bishop called for “a global fund to help in the meaningful rehabilitation of victims, to ensure that both land and property of Christians and other vulnerable minorities are returned to them unfailingly”.

The latest attack came when people were planning to return to their farms for this year’s farming season; the resulting fear could ultimately affect local food supplies.

Recent attacks by Fulani herdsmen have left hundreds dead and led thousands to flee from the largely Christian areas of Kaduna, Benue and Taraba states in Nigeria’s farming belt.

Such attacks have features long familiar to Nigerians: ethnic Fulani cattle herders, largely Muslim, moving in on farmers, largely Christian. The long-running land conflict is frequently framed in economic terms, but it also has distinctive religious contours.

According to an aid worker in Benue, the situation in the Middle Belt is comparable to the damage caused by Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria, but has drawn little international attention.

1.3 million Christians displaced in N. Nigeria Published: May 31, 2016

Christians in northern Nigeria have paid a heavy price for Fulani herdshmen's attacks and Boko Haram’s insurgency, which aims at implementing Sharia in Africa’s most populous country.

An estimated 11,500 Christians were killed, over 1.3 million others were displaced and 13,000 churches destroyed or abandoned between 2006 and 2014, said Mgr. Joseph Bagobiri, Bishop of Kafanchan (Kaduna State), at a conference held at the UN Headquarters in New York.

The most affected Christian communities are in the northern states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe. Many have relocated mainly to the predominant Christian states in the Middle-Belt: Plateau, Nassarawa, Benue, Taraba and the southern part of Kaduna state.

But in recent months, these areas have been affected by the violence of Fulani herdsmen. "Christian communities in the predominantly Christian states in the Middle Belt areas are the most affected by the Muslim Fulani herdsmen's forceful invasions and attacks. This is a blatant foreign invasion of the ancestral lands of the Christian and minority communities", said Mgr. Bagobiri, quoting a detailed study: "Crushed but not defeated: The impact of persistent violence on the Church in northern Nigeria", released jointly by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Open Doors International on 24 Feb. in Abuja, Nigeria's capital.

"In these Middle Belt states, the Fulani herdsmen have incessantly terrorised many communities, wiping out some from existence, and in places like Agatu in Benue state and Gwantu and Manchok in Kaduna state, these attacks assumed a genocidal character, as between 150–300 vulnerable persons were killed overnight," he said.

Mgr. Bagobiri called on the international community to put pressure on the Nigerian authorities to ensure freedom of worship for Christians and other minorities in northern Nigeria, and to tackle the humanitarian emergency of displaced populations.

Source: Fides

Khartoum 'bombs' Catholic school in Nuba Mountains Published: May 31, 2016

The government of Sudan has bombed St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Primary School in Kauda, in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan, near its own border with South Sudan, according to local reports.

Bishop Macram Max Gassis of the local diocese condemned the attack, which reportedly occurred during the afternoon of 25 May.

Separately, rebel sources said government warplanes dropped barrel bombs on the Heiban area on 1 May, killing six children from one family.

Expressing its concern at "indiscriminate aerial bombardment", the Diocese of El Obeid said teachers had earlier heard and counted "15 bombs being dropped within the school’s vicinity" on 18 May, before a jet fired a missile at the edge of the school’s teacher-training compound a week later.

The US, UK and Norway condemned the bombardment of civilians in the Kauda and Heiban areas of South Kordofan, including the bombing of the school.

Lying near the borders of the now-independent South Sudan, the mainly Christian people of the Nuba Mountains have long resisted Khartoum’s Arab and Islamist rule, but were denied a meaningful self-determination vote when the South split away in 2011.

Lost, then found, then lost Published: May 27, 2016

On 19 May, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari held a ceremony at the presidential palace to meet Amina Ali Nkeki, 19, the first of the 219 girls kidnapped from their Chibok school in April 2014 to be found alive. The girl was there with her new baby, and her elderly mother.

The three haven't been heard from since.

Premium Times has the bizarre testimony of Nkeki's older brother, Noah, who says he attended the ceremony, then was told by government officials that he would be able to see his sister and mother the following day, after a doctor's examination.

The brother is still waiting. So is Yakubu Nkeki, chairman of the Chibok Parents' Association, who also attended the 19 May ceremony. “None of us knows where she is,” he was quoted as saying, five days later. The Premium Times report is a tale of federal, state and military spokesmen pointing fingers at one another.

Village rumour results in 'attack on Copts' Published: May 26, 2016

At least two Copts were injured and seven homes burned when angry villagers ran amok after a rumoured affair between a married Christian man and a Muslim woman in Minya, 250km south of Cairo.

According to local Christian sources, scores of Muslims ransacked and torched several properties belonging to the Copts of al-Karam, Abu-Qurqas, on the evening of 20 May.

An elderly woman, said to be the mother of the alleged Christian lover, was stripped of her clothing and paraded near her home.

Law enforcers arrived hours late, despite being informed three days earlier of threats against Ashraf Attiya, 31, and his family by the Muslim woman’s estranged husband.

Egyptian newspaper Youm7 quoted the Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Minya as saying that "no fair-minded person can tolerate such conduct," and urging authorities not to "stand idle" but to bring wrongdoers to justice.

Police have arrested five suspects, but the situation remains tense.

Catching Our Eye
This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye.

Coptic monk kidnapped in Darfur released Published: May 26, 2016

An Egyptian-born monk has been released, 40 days after he was abducted in Sudan’s embattled Darfur region, reports Fides.

Rev. Ghabrial al-Antony, a Coptic Orthodox monk working in Nyala, South Darfur, was kidnapped on 14 April by an armed group, not far from the refugee camp in Atash.

According to Coptic Church sources, the monk was released without ransom. Early reports spoke of demands for a ransom of five-million Sudanese pounds ($822,000).

Amid crackdown, Egypt arrests Copt activist Published: May 20, 2016

Egyptian security forces raided the home of a prominent minority rights activist early on Thursday (19 May), and are now refusing to disclose his place of detention, reports Amnesty International.

Mina Thabet, Director of the Minority and Religious Groups Department of the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, and family members were reportedly ill-treated during the early morning raid by Egypt’s National Security Agency on his Cairo home.

"Thabet has tirelessly worked to defend the rights of minority groups, including Coptic Christians whom the government has suppressed for decades," said an Amnesty International official.

The Christian advocate’s arrest comes against the backdrop of numerous other arrests, involving activists, protesters, and people on the streets. The arrests have intensified after vocal protests in April against what is seen as Egypt’s surrender of two islands of its Sinai Peninsula to Saudi Arabia - in what Cairo said was part of a border delineation agreement.

Some 51 people were given two-year prison sentences for protesting illegally.

On 1 May, two journalists were also arrested while inside their journalists’ union building. The union said "storming" its premises was a grave violation of its long-cherished rights.

Thabet faces several charges, including charges of "terrorism" and incitement to violence, local reports said.

Vietnam Christian woman's 'intolerable' harassment Published: May 18, 2016

The harassment of a Vietnamese Christian human rights activist, whose husband, pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh, is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence, has become "intolerable" reports CSW.

Tran Thi Hong was recently questioned by the authorities about interviews with the foreign press, her "unauthorized, unapproved and illegal" Lutheran faith and her role in Vietnamese Women for Human Rights. Her son has been arrested twice in the last month.

Hong says she was severely beaten by security agents trying to extract information about her March meeting with a US delegation led by David Saperstein, ambassador at-large on International Religious Freedom, during his recent visit to Vietnam and Thailand.

"So far my whole body hurts and it has still been too painful to work. I am still taking medicine," Hong said, as reported by UCAN.

Twenty-nine international religious and human rights groups have called on the Vietnamese government to conduct an extensive probe into the alleged torture of Hong.

The Exec. Secretary of the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights told World Watch Monitor that Vietnam’s new “Law on Belief and Religion,” scheduled to come into effect this year, will add another layer of governmental repression and control to an already pressurised Church. “This law is not a law on religion; it’s just a law on how to manage the control of religion,” he said.

EU alliance with 'unsavoury' African leaders Published: May 18, 2016

European politicians, under pressure to reduce the exodus of African refugees, have now begun providing equipment and training to the security forces of Sudan, whose President is wanted for war crimes, says Der Spiegel.

The magazine says it has seen leaked documents from talks that took place on 23 March between the ambassadors of 28 EU member states. The diplomats discussed a classified plan to work with African dictators to stop the refugee flows to Europe.

The plan includes supplying equipment to register refugees inside Sudan, in addition to training their border police, although a General with Sudan's Interior Ministry told der Spiegel that technology would not just be used to register refugees, but also all Sudanese.

An important refugee route runs through Sudan, with migrants from Eritrea, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Central African Republic all seeking to make their way via Khartoum to Libya, where they catch boats to Europe.

Former BBC Africa Editor, Martin Plaut, reporting on November's EU-African summit in Malta, said the summit's action plan showed intention to work with African leaders "no matter how unsavoury some of them might be".

Sudan ranks 8th in the 2016 Open Doors’ World Watch List of countries where it is most difficult to live as a Christian.
Most of today's wars are in Muslim countries Published: May 18, 2016

Most wars across the world are taking place in majority-Muslim countries, with Muslims mainly fighting each other, says The Washington Post.

In 2012, there were six civil wars worldwide. All took place within Muslim countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. Of the nine rebel groups in these conflicts, seven had an Islamist ideology.

Citing the Human Security Report, it says war around the world has been declining both within and between countries, especially since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 effectively ended the Cold War.

The reasons given for persistent violent conflict among Muslims include border disputes, the Middle East's strategic importance between East and West, and oil - the latter two sometimes inviting major powers to get involved for good or ill.

Islam, the report says, includes elements of violence, as with other religions (e.g. the "just war" theory), but what varies over time is how prominent people — both religious and political — emphasise different parts of the message.

Catching Our Eye
This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye.

Nepal: amending conversion law 'not enough' Published: May 17, 2016

In Nepal, a campaign to reduce official penalties for religious conversion doesn't go far enough, reports UCAN.

Father Silas Bogati, vicar general of the Apostolic Vicariate of Nepal, criticised a campaign that last week delivered 40,000 letters from the public asking Parliament to reduce penalties for converting someone from another religion. As the law stands, a conviction can result in a five-year jail sentence and a 50,000-rupee ($470 US) fine. The campaign wants a reduction to three years’ imprisonment and a 30,000-rupee fine.

"Asking for a reduction in punishment is not part of the solution to the big problem that is looming in front of us ... In practice the government is curtailing religious freedom by making religious conversion a criminal offence," the priest said.

Nepal's 2007 interim Constitution declared the country a secular state that maintained neutrality in religious affairs. That was further endorsed when the government approved the new Constitution in September 2015, despite strong protests from Hindu nationalists, who wanted a return to Hindu statehood and who continue to protest over the word "secular" - a word they say is inappropriately adopted from the West.

Hindus were dominant in Nepal's most recent (2011) census at 81 per cent of a population of 26 million. Christians showed a rise of one per cent to 364,000 since the last census in 2001. But observers felt the figures were wrong, as newly converted Christians would be afraid to state their religion and so remain registered as Hindus, and residents absent when the data was collected were recorded as Hindu.

Christians continue to see the new Constitution as oppressive. A recent decision by the government that shows compromise over the call to reinstate Christmas Day as a public holiday was seen as "antagonistic", as it grants leave only to Christian civil servants, while requiring that their children must still attend school.

How to rebuild Nigeria after Boko Haram? Published: May 17, 2016

A security summit of regional and Western powers in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, has pledged a "global approach" comprising military and developmental efforts to end the threat posed by Boko Haram.

Recent military operations by Nigeria and regional forces have led to territorial gains and revealed the scale of devastation. They have also paved the way for reconstruction efforts. But it is a colossal task, says Mannir Dan Ali, Editor of Nigeria’s Daily Trust, writing for the BBC.

What schools, hospitals and municipal buildings there were in areas once under the group's control have been destroyed. Bringing back life to a huge swathe of territory will require what some have called a Marshall Plan for the north-east, in reference to the big reconstruction plan for Europe after World War Two.

There have been local and international efforts aimed at helping those displaced. The most touching effort, says Ali, has been the donations from ordinary people in other parts of Nigeria, who have been contributing as little as a dollar or two. One group has raised sufficient funds to rebuild the girls' school in Chibok town, where more than 200 girls were kidnapped two years ago.

As funding trickles in, the overall strategy seems to be to attack the problem from several directions. Officials hope it will result in creating an environment for the affected people to resume their lives, while tackling the terrible poverty that became a fertile ground for the ideology of Boko Haram to take root.

Source: BBC

Charity clears mines from Jordan River path Published: May 17, 2016

Seven historic churches near the Jordan River site of Jesus' baptism are to be cleared of mines, making way for more pilgrimages and furthering inter-communal reconciliation.

A British charity, the Halo Trust, is undertaking the work on the Israeli side, west of the river, in an area unsafe since the 1967 Arab-Israeli hostilities.

According to the Trust’s project manager, the 1km2 site contains more than 2,600 anti-tank mines, 1,200 anti-personnel mines, and an unknown number of booby-traps.

At present, more than 300,000 pilgrims make their way every year to another site along the Jordan River, where Christians believe Jesus inaugurated his public ministry.

Efforts to clear mines have involved Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and seven Orthodox denominations represented on the site by the Greek, Russian, Syrian, Coptic, Romanian and Ethiopian churches. Also involved are the Roman Catholics, represented by the site’s Franciscan church, as well as the Armenians, who own a plot of land there too.

"Our purpose is to return this very ancient site to its former purpose, to something that will endure long into the future, and help the Christian communities, the Israelis and Palestinians and all mankind to be able to come here," said Major General James Cowan, chief executive of the Halo Trust and a former commander of British forces in Helmand, Afghanistan.

The work could take between 18 and 20 months.

Iran: Nadarkhani released, 3 others detained Published: May 16, 2016

Youcef Nadarkhani, an Iranian pastor once sentenced to death for apostasy, was arrested again on Friday (13 May), but released later that day.

His wife Tina was also arrested and released, but three other Christians are still being detained, following raids on a number of Christian homes in the northern city of Rasht.

It is not the first time the three detained Christians – Yasser Mossayebzadeh, Saheb Fadaie and Mohammad Reza Omidi – have been arrested. Omidi was initially detained in December 2012 and later sentenced to 80 lashes for allegedly drinking alcohol as part of Holy Communion. (Alcohol is banned in Iran.)

Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports that the Christians had their Bibles, computers and mobile phones confiscated.

This was also the second time Nadarkhani has been arrested since his release from prison in September 2012.

Iraq’s Christians ‘could be gone in 5 years’ Published: May 16, 2016

ISIS' jihadist actions mean Christians could disappear from Iraq in five years, says an Iraqi Assyrian priest.

Fr. Martin Hermis Dawood told the Telegraph the latest phase of Islamic extremism has only precipitated the trend of Christians exiting their ancestral lands.

"Everyone sees himself outside Iraq in a few years. They have lost their hope of staying. In five years, you will see only a few families who are unable to leave, maybe a few priests," he said.

Surviving the odds over centuries, 1.3 million Iraqi Christians 20 years ago dwindled to fewer than 400,000 more recently. In the past two years, the rise of "Islamic State" (ISIS) has further displaced over 200,000 Christians from Iraq’s northern region of Nineveh.

When the jihadists captured Mosul and its surrounding plain in June 2014, they reinstated the traditional Islamic ultimatum to Christians: convert, pay a humbling "protection" tax (jizya), leave or be killed.

"We know very well that not every Muslim here is a terrorist, but there is a culture rising, not only here in Iraq, but in the Middle East. There’s a struggle happening in the whole world and we will be burned in this fire in the future," said Fr. Dawood.

However Chaldean Archbishop Yousif Mirkis of Kirkuk in Iraq disagrees.

"This prognosis may be of thinkers or politicians, but not of the believers," Mirkis told Catholic News Service at an April trauma training in Lebanon, one Middle Eastern nation where many Christians still live.

"When our faith reaches the edge, even to the point of death, there is always an intervention of God, something amazing happens," said the Archbishop. "This is the faith of the Old Testament witnessed in Exodus and [the] parting of the Red Sea, and in the New Testament with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our faith is very rich. It dies, if you don't use it."

Catching Our Eye
This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye.

'Extremists' burn down Minya makeshift church Published: May 12, 2016

"Extremists" were behind the destruction of a makeshift village church in Upper Egypt, said a local Coptic bishop on Thursday (12 May).

"St. Mary’s Church in the village of Esmaelia al-Bahreia was burned down completely after an attack carried out by extremists," said Bishop Macarius of Minya, referring to the "tent church" 6km north of Minya City (245km south of Cairo).

"The makeshift church has been used for worship for over a year … since a proper church is yet to be authorised by the government since 2009," the bishop wrote on Facebook.

Egyptian media, which reported that the fire in the small hours of Thursday morning had consumed the flimsy 180-square-metre wooden structure, said an "electric short-circuit" was behind the incident.

Christians complain of restrictions on churches, and have long been calling for a law to give them the same privileges as Muslim places of worship, which face no difficulties from the government.

In August 2013 alone, dozens of churches and Christian properties were torched in Minya by Islamic extremists. Some have since been rebuilt.

EU appoints first int’l religious freedom envoy Published: May 11, 2016

The European Union has appointed its first special envoy for religious freedom with a brief outside of the EU.

Jan Figel, former leader of Slovakia's Christian Democratic Movement and a former EU Education and Culture Commissioner, was appointed as the first Special Envoy for the promotion of freedom of religion or belief outside the EU by President Jean-Claude Juncker on 6 May. The President made the announcement at a ceremony to award the Charlemagne 'Peace' Prize to Pope Francis.

Figeľs initial one-year mandate will be renewable, and he will serve as a special adviser to the Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, the European Commission said in a statement.

“Freedom of religion or belief is a fundamental right which is part of the foundation of the European Union. The persistent persecution of religious and ethnic minorities makes protecting and promoting this freedom inside and outside the EU all the more essential,” Juncker said in the statement.

Figel, who publically proposed the position at the European People's Party congress in Brussels in March 2015, had said before his appointment that “activities developed so far by the EU within the humanitarian and development or diplomatic field haven’t been sufficient in terms of effectively protecting believers."

Sinai Christian shot after 'confessing' his faith Published: May 10, 2016

A Coptic civil servant was killed in Sinai, Egypt, after his vehicle was stopped and passengers were asked if any "Christian infidels" were on board.

Messak Nasralla, 58, was going about his business as a government medical supplier when he was found dead last week, south of Arish, reports in the Egyptian mainstream press said.

According to Coptic website Light and Dark, Islamic militants killed Nasralla after he "confessed to being a Christian", while a Muslim colleague was spared.

"They were asked about their religion. The jihadists let go our Muslim colleague, Hamadah Naguib, but killed Nasralla," a co-worker, Mohamed Ibrahim, said.

North Sinai police blamed Ansar Beitul Maqdess (ABM) insurgents, after Nasralla’s body was identified on 3 May.

Christians have been targeted increasingly in the restive Sinai Peninsula in north-east Egypt. In February 2015, a church spokesman voiced dismay at "daily atrocities" after another Copt was shot in the head at his shop in Arish.

Since 2011, scores of violent incidents have been reported across the country, including kidnappings-for-ransom, predominantly targeting members of Egypt’s Christian minority.

Bangladesh bomb attacks on Christian home Published: May 6, 2016

Two people were injured during bomb attacks on a Christian home in Bangladesh on Tuesday (3 May), the latest in a string of violent attacks against minorities.

Alam Mondol, 45, was hospitalised after the blasts at his home in a mainly Christian hamlet in Bangladesh’s western Chudanga area, reports AFP. Another man, also reportedly a Christian, was hurt as villagers chased away the attackers.

Police said they suspected the motive was “attempted robbery”, but Bangladesh is seeing rising Islamist violence.

On Saturday (30 April), a Hindu tailor was hacked to death for allegedly blaspheming against Islam’s prophet.

In March, a 65-year-old Muslim convert to Christianity, Hossain Ali, was hacked to death, while in January a 75-year-old pastor, Khaza Somiruddin, was also murdered. A group claiming to be the Islamic State claimed responsibility for Somiruddin’s murder, in addition to a series of killings of foreigners, death threats and attacks against Christian priests in the previous few months.

“Suspected Islamists have murdered at least 30 members of religious minorities, secular bloggers and other liberal activists, foreigners and intellectuals in Bangladesh in the past three years,” reports AFP.

Christians and Hindus account for less than 10 per cent of Bangladesh’s population of 160 million.
Pastor who helped N. Korea defectors found dead Published: May 4, 2016

A pastor who helped North Korean refugees escape their homeland has been found dead near the border with China. Rights activists suspect North Korea may be responsible for his death, says The Telegraph, quoting Yonhap, the official Korean news agency.

Korean-Chinese pastor Han Choong Yeol, 49, well-known for helping North Korean defectors, left his home in Chiangbai, a Chinese town on its border with N. Korea, on 30 April and was found dead later that day. His body showed evidence of stabbing and axe wounds.

Han considered himself to be a target after a deacon in his 600-strong ‘Three Self’ (Chinese-government approved) Church disappeared, after being kidnapped in 2014.

Sources told The Telegraph that Han's mobile phone is missing, which may place defectors and all those involved in aiding them in danger.

"We have had reports of this sort of thing happening before and we have seen a sharp increase in the security on the border with China since Kim Jong-un came to power," said Robert Park, a founding member of the Worldwide Coalition to Stop Genocide in North Korea and a former prisoner of North Korea. Sharia Dhimmi Schiavo AKBAR ] ovviamente qui, voi potete considerare tutto l'orrore sharia della LEGA ARABA! ] LA LEGA ARABA CI COSTRINGERE A DISTRUGGERE L'ISLAM NEL MONDO!
Pakistan: Isis rivendica strage a Quetta, 66 morti, 200 feriti nell'attacco terroristico a un ospedale


Tu sei un dhimmi in Sharia Law ] [ quando padre Jacques stava per essere sgozzato ha detto: "vade retro satana!" in questo modo ha condannato a morte: Bush Farisei, Talmud haddith, e tutti i sauditi salafiti wahhabiti takfiri sudairi: culto terrorismo galassiah jihad sharia: con tutti i loro morti e stramorti all'inferno, in tutto il mondo!
Sharia Dhimmi Schiavo AKBAR ] [ QUANDO LA LEGA ARABA CONDANNERÀ LA SHARIA, e CI/SI: DONERÀ lo STATO LAICO TEOCRATICO? FINIRÀ IL TERRORISMO ISLAMICO NEL MONDO! ... ma questa è la verità: loro non sanno come realizzare lo Stato laico teocratico, se non lo uniscono al Regno di ISRAELE, rischia di diventare una struttura debole .. quindi andrà distrutto l'attuale stato massonico usurocratico di Israele e tutti i popoli schiavizzati dal signoraggio bancario ritorneranno in possesso della propria sovranità monetaria e grande saranno la Pace e la Prosperità! [ 'No a sepoltura killer di padre Jacques', Il comune di Montlucon non vuole le spoglie di Petitjean


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7 AGO - "Non ci risulta che ci siano dei militari catturati" e la carta di identità mostrata "appartiene a un soldato", Ryan Jay Larson, "che è opera attualmente nella sua unità". Lo afferma una portavoce del Pentagono Usa, Henrietta Levin, citata da Usa Today, dopo la 'rivendicazione' dell'Isis di aver catturato dei soldati americani in Afghanistan.
Unius kingREI

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 Secondo Iulia Balint-Boia, pediatra, solo il 12,6 per cento delle madri romene allattano ancora i loro bambini fino a sei mesi. "Questo è un beneficio sia per le madri che per i bambini - spiega - ma non tutti sono abituati a vedere questo nella nostra società".
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Belgio: attentatore nel Paese dal 2012. Procura, noto per crimini comuni. Attacco ispirato da terrorismo ] "noi siamo tutti morti?" MA NOI CHI? il NWO ha distrutto le identità ed ha spianato la civiltà ebraico cristiana! e se noi soffochiamo.. poi, per un musulmano è impossibile adattarsi al satanismo dl sistema FMI regime Massonico!
Unius kingREI

You are dhimmi in sharia law ] [ RENZI è un arrampicatore, non ha valori: è la clonazione del PD Rothschild e Bildenberg: UN TRADITORE! [ Sharia Dhimmi COME TU SEI uno Schiavo Allah AKBAR ] Renzi si è travestito talvolta da “amico” della Russia, fingendosi contrario alle sanzioni; ora il senatore piemontese Lucio Malan ne ha smascherato l’ambiguità facendo una scoperta interessante: il ministero dell'Ambiente appare tra i sostenitori della Fondazione Clinton. [ eliminare una intera nazione dai giochi olimpici è assai peggio che dichiarare guerra ad una Nazione.. perché equivale a condannare un popolo! QUESTO È UN SUPER CRIMINE, E NOI SAPPIAMO CHE NON LA RUSSIA TUTTI POSSONO TROVARE ACCORDI: anche Hitler Erdogan il boia del popolo siriano, MA IL NWO HA DECISO DI UCCIDERE LA RUSSIA E CON LEI DI TRASCINARE IN SCHIAVITÙ TUTTO IL GENERE UMANO! .. tutta le tragedie infinite a cui la LEGA ARABA guarda come una straordinaria occasione, imperialistica e geopolitica dal suo punto di vista, per estendere la sharia regalità sul mondo,
La Bild mantiene la parola: Russia boicottata alle Olimpiadi di Rio
Unius kingREI

Sharia Dhimmi Schiavo AKBAR ] [ eliminare una intera nazione dai giochi olimpici è assai peggio che dichiarare guerra ad una Nazione.. perché equivale a condannare un popolo! QUESTO È UN SUPER CRIMINE, E NOI SAPPIAMO CHE NON LA RUSSIA TUTTI POSSONO TROVARE ACCORDI: anche Hitler Erdogan il boia del popolo siriano, MA IL NWO HA DECISO DI UCCIDERE LA RUSSIA E CON LEI DI TRASCINARE IN SCHIAVITÙ TUTTO IL GENERE UMANO! .. tutta le tragedie infinite a cui la LEGA ARABA guarda come una straordinaria occasione, imperialistica e geopolitica dal suo punto di vista, per estendere la sharia regalità sul mondo,
La Bild mantiene la parola: Russia boicottata alle Olimpiadi di Rio 07.08.2016) La Bild non ha incluso la Russia nel medagliere generale delle Olimpiadi fedelmente al boicottaggio annunciato in precedenza. Nella classifica generale pubblicata sul sito ufficiale del tabloid non compare la Russia. In realtà occupa il 6° posto nel medagliere con 1 oro insieme con l'Argentina, il Belgio, la Thailandia e il Vietnam.
Sotto la classifica c'è una nota: "la Bild cancella la Russia dal medagliere per il programma statale di doping. Le medaglie conquistate dagli atleti russi saranno escluse senza alcun impatto sulle prestazioni degli altri atleti." Più di 2 settimane fa il popolare tabloid tedesco aveva annunciato di aver "deciso" di non contare nel medagliere la Russia per lo scandalo doping. La redazione del giornale sostiene che il programma di doping della Russia veniva curato "dal governo e dai servizi segreti", ed è necessario dare una risposta significativa.
Pochi giorni dopo si è saputo che il Comitato Olimpico Internazionale ha deciso di non escludere la Russia dai Giochi Olimpici di Rio de Janeiro.
Unius kingREI

Tu sei un dhimmi in Sharia Law ] [ Mario Bianchi tu sei un soggetto CRIMINALE SHARIA GENOCIDIO E NAZISMO interessante, perché tu dimostri di essere scemo soltanto a senso unico! Anche in Corea del Nord si chiamano "Repubblica Popolare". ed anche Hitler aveva lo stesso CONSENSO POPOLARE di Erdogan, tu però sai bene che per le VERE opposizioni è proibito protestare, ANCHE, in Piazza! .. e che anche noi siamo una finta democrazia massonica, di regime Rothschild Bildenberg, questo non è per te un valido motivo per ucciderci tutti con la sharia!
Mario Bianchi ·
Lavora presso Accalappiacani
La maggioranza del popolo turco é con il Presidente Erdogan. Continuare a negare la realtà non é che la cambia....
Loro almeno lo hanno votato, noi in Italia abbiamo Renzi che ha preso solo i voti dei fiorentini eppure é il Premier, prima di lui Letta nemmeno quelli e Monti men che meno. Pero' ci sentiamo tanto superiori da voler insegnare ad altri come si sta al mondo...
Ma per favore.
Unius kingREI

Rebecca Bradley. Condivisione pubblica 06 ago 2016 [ Danimarca, Norvegia, Stati Uniti, Svizzera, Estonia, Islanda, Gran Bretagna, Panama HANNO STERILIZZATO I PROPRI CITTADINI PER FAVORIRE LA ISLAMIZZAZIONE ] [ 7 REAL Government CONSPIRACIES. From racist sterilizations and experiments through to fabricated reasons for war, here are seven real government conspiracies. COINTELPRO was a counter-intelligence program run by the FBI with the aim of monitoring, infiltrating and destroying minority political organisations in the United States. Any group deemed subversive was targeted and smeared, including anti-Vietnam War demonstrators, feminist organisations, Native Americans, anti-colonial organisations, and the Civil Rights Movement. The Tuskegee experiment secretly infected nearly 400 African American men with syphilis between 1932 and 1972 in a program directly backed by the US Public Health Service. Their aim was to see if black men coped better than white guys with the disease, because obviously that's a great reason to go around giving people a serious sexual infection. Good job science jerks.
This is a girl called Nariyah and in 1990 she gave a moving testimony to Congress about how she witnessed invading Iraqi soldiers dumping newborn babies out of their incubators in her home country of Kuwait, leaving them to die in filth on the floor. Her story helped garner support for an invasion of Iraq led by then President George Herbert Walker Bush, but there was just one problem with Nariyah's account of Iraqi atrocities - it was about as truthful as the guys caught on To Catch A Predator turning up to a kids house with a bottle of wine and a six pack of condoms. "No of course I don’t find children attractive Mr Hansen, I brought the wine for communion, I’m a religious man you see.
Between 1920 and 1933 the United States was drier than an April Ludgate comeback after a mouthful of crackers. Prohibition was in full swing, and even though stiff penalties were in place for those who drank or made alcoholic beverages many people continued to get wasted in secret by purifying industrial alcohol.
But the FBI didn't approve of this, so to persuade the public of the error of their ways they began adding impurities to industrial alcohol to make it even more poisonous, hoping nobody would consume it.
Denmark, Norway, the USA, Switzerland, Estonia, Iceland, Britain, Panama - what's the link? They're all terrible at soccer? No because Iceland clearly rock at the moment. I'm afraid the clue was in the title, because each of these countries has at some point enforced sterilization programs on its citizens.
In 1996 Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb published a series of books and articles in a series called "Dark Alliance", where he exposed links between the CIA and Central-American right-wing groups called the Contras. The Contras were assisted by the CIA in smuggling drugs for sale into the USA, so that their profits could be used to overthrow left-wing Governments across Central America.
In the early 2000's the UK Parliament was deliberating whether to join the US in an invasion of Iraq, but a recently-concluded investigation seven years in the making has outlined a shocking conspiracy regarding the war between two of the world's major former leaders - George W Bush and Tony Blair.
Condiviso inizialmente da Rebecca Bradley:
7 cospirazioni governative REALI
Da sterilizzazioni razzisti ed esperimenti fino ai motivi fabbricato per la guerra, qui ci sono sette cospirazioni reali del governo.
COINTELPRO era un programma di contro-spionaggio gestito dall'FBI con l'obiettivo di monitoraggio, infiltrarsi e distruggere le organizzazioni politiche di minoranza negli Stati Uniti. Qualsiasi gruppo ritenuto sovversivo stato preso di mira e imbrattata, tra manifestanti anti-guerra del Vietnam, le organizzazioni femministe, nativi americani, organizzazioni anti-coloniale, e il movimento dei diritti civili.
L'esperimento di Tuskegee segretamente infettato quasi 400 uomini afro-americano con la sifilide tra il 1932 e il 1972 in un programma direttamente sostenuto dalla US Public Health Service. Il loro scopo era di vedere se gli uomini neri hanno fatto fronte meglio di ragazzi bianchi con la malattia, perché, ovviamente, questo è un ottimo motivo per andare in giro a dare alla gente un'infezione sessuale seria. Buone cretini scienza di posti di lavoro. Si tratta di una ragazza di nome Nariyah e nel 1990 ha dato una commovente testimonianza al Congresso di come ha testimoniato invadere soldati iracheni di dumping i neonati dalle incubatrici nel suo paese d'origine del Kuwait, lasciandoli morire nella sporcizia sul pavimento. La sua storia ha contribuito a ottenere il sostegno per l'invasione dell'Iraq guidata dall'allora presidente George Herbert Walker Bush, ma c'era solo un problema con l'account di Nariyah delle atrocità iracheni - era circa come veritiera come i ragazzi catturati su To Catch A Predator girando fino ad un bambini casa con una bottiglia di vino e una confezione da sei di preservativi. "No, naturalmente non trovo attraente bambini Mr Hansen, ho portato il vino per la comunione, io sono un uomo religioso che si vede.
Tra il 1920 e il 1933 gli Stati Uniti erano più secco di una rimonta aprile Ludgate dopo un boccone di cracker. Divieto era in pieno svolgimento, e anche se pesanti sanzioni erano a posto per coloro che hanno bevuto o bevande alcoliche a base molte persone hanno continuato ad avere sprecato in segreto da purificare alcol industriale.
Ma l'FBI non ha approvato di questo, in modo di convincere l'opinione pubblica della loro errori hanno cominciato l'aggiunta di impurità di alcol industriale per rendere ancora più velenoso, sperando che nessuno avrebbe consumarlo.
Danimarca, Norvegia, Stati Uniti, Svizzera, Estonia, Islanda, Gran Bretagna, Panama - qual è il collegamento? Sono tutti terribile a calcio? No, perché l'Islanda chiaramente roccia al momento. Temo che l'indizio era nel titolo, perché ognuno di questi paesi ha ad un certo punto forzata programmi di sterilizzazione sui suoi cittadini.
Nel 1996 premio Pulitzer giornalista vincitore Gary Webb ha pubblicato una serie di libri e articoli in una serie chiamata "Dark Alliance", dove ha esposto i legami tra la CIA e gruppi di destra Centrale-americano chiamato i Contras. I Contras sono stati assistiti dalla CIA nel traffico di droga per la vendita negli Stati Uniti, in modo che i loro profitti potrebbero essere utilizzati per rovesciare governi di sinistra in tutta l'America Centrale. Nei primi anni del 2000, il Parlamento del Regno Unito stava deliberando se aderire gli Stati Uniti in una invasione dell'Iraq, ma un'indagine di recente concluso sette anni di lavoro ha delineato una cospirazione scioccante per quanto riguarda la guerra tra due dei principali ex leader del mondo - George W Bush e Tony Blair.

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You are dhimmi in sharia law ] Giovanni DalMasso a te piace pagare il tuo denaro ad interesse: il 270% del suo valore (fonte scienziato Giacinto Auriti), perché tu sei il goy felice Rothschild. almeno finché, lui ti provvede il mangime nella gabbia, per e questo satanismo di NWO è buono!!
Joe Bernard
Luigi Sala forse molti quando si parla di ebrei pensano subito a Soros, uno che dopo aver ottenuto asilo dalla UK per poco non gli distruggeva la banca di inghilterra. speculazione legale pero bisogna dirlo, ma alla faccia della gratitudine ... sono tutti gli ebrei serpenti come lui o e' una eccezione?
Unius kingREI

You are dhimmi in sharia law ] [ Questa decisione DI ESCLUDERE LA RUSSIA: è stata presa dopo aver preso in esame il dossier della commissione indipendente guidata da Richard McLaren dell'Agenzia Mondiale Antidoping (WADA). ] COSA POTRESTI TROVARE TU DI INDIPENDENTE NEL NWO: ROTHSCHILD REGIME BILDENBERG: NESSUNA RELIGIONE E NESSUNA ISTITUZIONE POTREBBE ESSERE INDIPENDENTE! MEN CHE MENO LA INFORMAZIONE [ WADA delusa da mancata esclusione della Russia da parte del CIO

Doping, rapporto WADA contestato: non è obiettivo

Comitato Olimpico russo accusa la Wada di complotto

Putin: pericolosa recidiva l'ingerenza della politica nello sport
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Tu sei un dhimmi in Sharia Law ] [ i satanisti Farisei Massoni Bildenberg NATO Spa Monsanto, scie chimiche, FMI BM NWO: JabullOn Allah regime Satana, loro non hanno un problema con la salvaguardia della CREAZIONE che Dio ci ha donato, ecco perché le future generazioni pagheranno un prezzo terribile!
LONDRA, 7 AGO - Soldi a pioggia, da destinare direttamente alle famiglie delle zone coinvolte, per strappare il si' delle comunita' locali dell'Inghilterra del nord all'estrazione del cosiddetto shale gas con la controversa tecnica del fracking: largamente contestata in alcune contee e considerata dannosa per l'ambiente e l'equilibrio geologico da vari esperti e attivisti. Fa discutere l'annuncio del governo di Theresa May, anticipato oggi dai domenicali britannici. Gli ambientalisti parlano di 'mazzette di Stato'.
Unius kingREI

Sharia, che bello schiavo Dhimmi, tu sei per Allah lo Schiavo AKBAR di SATANA ] [ POSSIAMO ritenere senza timori di essere smentiti, che questo regime massonico mondiale, permette il controllo delle Nazioni a poche persone, coloro che ormai sono i padroni proprietari della FINANZA MoNDIALE e tutto questo: è alto TRADIMENTO! Russia considera “vile e disumana” l'esclusione dalle Paralimpiadi di Rio. 08.08.2016) La rappresentante ufficiale del ministero degli Esteri russo Maria Zakharova ha definito “vile e disumana” la decisione del Comitato Paralimpico Internazionale (CPI, abbreviazione internazionale IPC - ndr) di escludere la Russia dai Giochi Paralimpici di Rio de Janeiro. Lo ha scritto sulla sua pagina Facebook. Come sottolineato dalla Zakharova, gli atleti paralimpici sono sportivi, non disabili, che si dedicano allo sport nonostante le difficoltà. "La decisione relativa all'esclusione dai Giochi Paralimpici di tutta la squadra paralimpica russa colpisce per la sua viltà e disumanità. E' un tradimento molto grave degli standard universali dei diritti umani che costituiscono la base del mondo moderno", — ha rilevato la rappresentante del dicastero della diplomazia russa.
Secondo il diplomatico, in un momento difficile in "periodi di prova" si è ricordata degli atleti paralimpici russi. "Mi sento imbarazzata per la mia impotenza nel pieno della vita," — ha scritto la Zakharova.
"Ragazzi! Io, la mia famiglia e molti miei amici siamo con voi, siamo fieri di voi, siete il nostro orgoglio. Siete parte del patrimonio nazionale", — ha concluso la portavoce del ministero degli Esteri.
Domenica 7 agosto il presidente del Comitato Paralimpico Internazionale Philip Craven ha annunciato la sospensione temporanea del Comitato Paralimpico russo ed ha inoltre fatto sapere che l'intera squadra russa salterà i Giochi Paralimpici di Rio de Janeiro.
Unius kingREI

Combattenti del Daesh ] You are dhimmi in sharia law [ se ci fosse un solo Governo onesto che fa gli interessi del suo Popolo? Questo uscirebbe subito dalla NATO, perché la NATO cerca, attraverso ogni calunnia e pretesto criminale una motivazione per dichiarare guerra alla RUSSIA! quindi NATO e LEGA ARABA sono gli alleati perché Allah è il DEMONIO, e il Gufo è SATANA! Terrorismo e filosofia: nuove mappe mentali. 07.08.2016 E’ una triste realtà dei nostri giorni che gli estremisti islamici abbiano compiuto molti attentati sul suolo europeo. Wall Street Journal: terroristi solitari distraggono autorità da prevenire grandi attacchi, Quando non si tratta di stragi sanguinarie come in Francia (dove hanno mostrato una pianificazione particolarmente accurata ed articolata), quelli condotti da un singolo individuo che si scopre in seguito essere una persona "problematica" (come in Germania in occasione della strage al McDonald's il cui attentatore pare fosse un giovane vittima del bullismo) presentano ugualmente dei punti oscuri che rendono difficile credere alla pura e semplice versione ufficiale. Versione che viene comunque accettata dalla gente comune per un insieme variegato di motivi: fiducia nel governo, patriottismo ma anche semplice apatia. Tutti gli attentatori muoiono, uccisi dalla polizia che interviene sul posto come un moderno Orlando furioso (e vendicativo) ma privandoci purtroppo della possibilità di interrogare l'artefice diretto del crimine. In altre parole: in ogni caso muore chi avrebbe le cose più interessanti da dire.
Unius kingREI

You are dhimmi in sharia law ] [ Il governo di Benyamin Netanyahu ] non si può dire che la mia vita sta attraversando un momento difficile, tutta la mia vita è stata difficile, perché è stata una vita onesta, e dedicata consacrata alla virtù... ma, io sto facendo incubi ogni notte! QUANDO SI DECIDERÀ, CHE DEVE ESSERE FERMATO QUESTO ISLAM NAZISMO E GENOCIDIO SHARIA,, e questo puà essere fatto soltanto, BRUTALMENTE, COSA SUCCEDERÀ? .. intanto adesso utilizziamo gi sgozzatori per disintegrare Europa e Russia? .. così non potrebbe mai andare bene.. PERCHÉ I NAZISTI GENOCIDIO DELLA TEOLOGIA DELLA SOSTITUZIONE LORO DEVONO ESSERE FERMATI! DONAL TRUMP ha detto. "a me piace la FRANCIA, ma la Francia è un Paese in cui tu non ci puoi più andare!".. questo è vero presto la Europa diventerà un califfato!

Unius kingREI
Unius kingREI18 ore fa
Tu sei un dhimmi in Sharia Law non fatevi illusioni! SE, nel mondo esiste un uomo libero? lui rivendicherebbe la sua sovranità monetaria, che, SpA FMI BM NWO: talmud i FARISEI Bildenberg e MASSONI gli hanno rubato, insieme ai complici Sauditi Salafiti sharia genocidio Allah u Akbar! .. e che, nel Regno di Dio? non entrano gli schiavi di Satana come voi, e voi non fatevi illusioni: "io vi spingerò tutti all'inferno!"
Unius kingREI

Sharia Dhimmi Schiavo AKBAR. [ ben FATTO! ] l'Occidente guidato dai suoi monatti Farisei Massoni, cammina veloce verso il suo suicidio dissoluzione affinché Satana GENDER ed Allah demonio siano tutti in tutto! ED OVVIAMENTE IN ISRAELE LORO SANNO COSA SIGNIFICA LA SHARIA, ma hillary merkel renzi hollande, ECC.. IL REGIME BILDENBERG? LORO NON LO SANNO! [ Israele espellerà denigratori Stato, Governo Netanyahu insedia task force ] QUINDI gli ex-quaedisti sono diventati i cannibali dell'esercito libero siriano e possono rivere armi, denaro da Turchia CIA e Arabia SAUDITA, quindi la NATO ha dato anche i missili TOW! AUGURI!

Egidio Cavallini ] il "regime" avanza. dopo la notizia di ieri che riportava l'autorizzazione per le scuole ortodosse di non insegnare matematica, storia moderna e lingue straniere ( riguarda circa il 25% della popolazione scolastica) ecco oggi questa nuova perla. tutto questo conferma una vecchia verità: gli ebrei sono una setta religiosa fondamentalista e razzista (e pericolosa).

Sharia Dhimmi Schiavo AKBAR
Egidio Cavallini TU NON PUOI pretendere che Israele cammini nella perfezione, in un mondo di satanisti massoni farisei e salafiti sharia genocidio a tutti! ti rimprovera lo Spirito SANTO, infatti nessuno che fa di se stesso il nemico di ISRAELE e che non denuncia il delitto di signoraggio bancario potrà entrare nel Regno di Dio... perché è la Bibbia che ha creato dal nulla tutte le cose.. e per la Parola di Dio e per le profezie bibliche in favore di ISRAELE tu sei già stato condannato! Tutta la LEGA ARABA sorge su genocidi su genocidi sharia a cielo aperto, perché sputando sul sangue dei tuoi figli tu ti possa fare l'alleato di qualche islamico palestinese!
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You are dhimmi in sharia law [ gli islamici sono tutti razzisti e nazisti! ] [ E COME SE IO DOVESSI DISPREZZARE i musulmani laici onesti e pacifici, soltanto perché, la LEGA ARABA sono i nazisti del genocidio ONU sharia! ] [ Rio: Libano rifiuta bus con israeliani, L'episodio avvenuto prima della cerimonia di apertura ] ma, questo dimostra che la maggior parte dei musulmani, odiano le persone e i popoli, che non corrispondono al loro progetto imperialistico di sharia conquista del mondo!
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Tu sei un dhimmi in Sharia Law ] [ MILANO, 6 AGOSTO. IL MUSULMANO Piccardo DICE: 'Anche la poligamia è un diritto'- "Se è solo una questione di diritti civili, ebbene la poligamia è un diritto civile": così ha scritto Hamza Roberto Piccardo, che è stato in passato segretario e portavoce dell'Ucoii. Piccardo, che è padre di Davide Piccardo, portavoce del coordinamento delle associazioni islamiche milanesi. adesso chiederanno la pedofilia, e poi passeremo al bestialismo! Se date il matrimonio ai gay tutto questo diventerà inevitabile!
Unius kingREI

Tu sei un dhimmi in Sharia Law ] [ senza una logistica della CIA in Arabia SAUDITA, mai nessuna galassia jihadista sarebbe mai potuta sorgere!
Libia: almeno 11 soldati Haftar uccisi, In scontri a Derna con mujaheddin legati ad al Qaida
Francesco Vianello · Università degli Studi di Catania ] [ La colpa di tutto ciò è di Rambo. Rambo IV, per la precisione.

my jhwh my jhwh Select 666 Country: holy my jhwh

Re dei Re, Signore dei Signori Unius REI, governatore universale

my jhwh my jhwh Select 666 Country: holy my jhwh

Re di Israele

Re di Israele
e di Palestina: Unius Rei

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☦️burn satan ☦️shariah Allah ☦️owl lilit Marduch burn JaBullOn Baal SpA: burn in Jesus's name, alleluia!

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Nella forza dei popoli per il riscatto della sovranità ferita

Nella forza dei popoli per il riscatto della sovranità ferita
il signoraggio deruba la sovranità costituzionale!

500 cristiani al giorno muoiono ancora oggi

500 cristiani al giorno muoiono ancora oggi
il massacro silenzioso dei cristiani (Antonio Socci)

300.000.000 di cristiani sono considerati criminali a causa della loro fede.

300.000.000 di cristiani sono considerati criminali a causa della loro fede.
500 di loro ogni giorno perdono la vita



la più grande truffa del genere umano! A dei privati S.p.A.

la più grande truffa del genere umano! A dei privati S.p.A.
in cambio di carta, diamo le nostre vite!

my jhwh Select 666 Country: holy my jhwh

my jhwh Select 666 Country: holy my jhwh

i am Unius REI in kingdom of Palestine